New Beginning

It’s 3 more days to start of school! Mixed emotions. As this semester will be a new class, new faces, new timetable. Everything’s new but school still the same hahaha. Selected my specialization, Computer and Mobile Tech! The one I’m … Continue reading

Food for thought

How’s everyone! Hope you all are doing great!

There’s been a lot of things that’s on my heart and my mind recently! Finally have time to type them all out!

Last friday, we had our first Connect Group Meeting of #CM20 !!


Hahaha! Look closely and you will know what skills my friends acquire!

It’s so exciting! A bunch of radical and on fire people!!  New faces, new season! We are going to breakthrough!

As I ponder and read the notes I took on my notebooks, I have so many things to thank God for!

If it wasn’t for God, guess what?  Continue reading

From my generation onwards … It will be different¬†

I may not be most fluent with my words and language. But I am someone who is willing to speak up for what is right and what I believe in.

I feel so thankful that I’m in HOGC. A place where my life was changed. It is here in this place where I learnt so much values and grow in my character. Ever since the day I stepped into church, I never regret making this choice, making the decision to give God the best years of my life.

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